Episode 15: The Road To PMRE 2022 #3: Brian Berkowitz

SPECIAL EPISODE ALERT!!! Upmarket Podcast is thrilled to have a partnership with this year's Photography and Media for Real Estate Conference!!! In this episode, Reed sits down with Brian Berkowitz, the Shooting Spaces podcast legend and extraordinary commercial and retail photographer.

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Show notes

Mark is back! Hallelujah! He rejoins Reed to talk all things branding! The guys go in depth on what was top of mind when they re-branded into Upmarket Media and why that branding is so important. They talk about why going "high-middle" is the right brand for them and also touch on why as a Real Estate Media Company that ostensibly builds brands for realtors, you need to have top-notch branding yourself in order to have credibility with your clients. This discussion also goes deep into the question of logo polo shirts vs. full button downs. Mark and Reed also spill some Tik-Tok news in the Social Media Sidebar! They end the show by giving out their Actions Items... things that any listener can do right now help lay the foundation for scaling their Real Estate Media Business.

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