Episode 57: Getting Inspired with Ema Peter - Road to PMRE 2024

Renowned Architectural Photographer Ema Peter joins Reed on this special episode of the Upmarket Podcast!

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Renowned Architectural Photographer Ema Peter joins Reed on this special episode of the Upmarket Podcast! Inspiration abounds in this episode. Ema talks about how her experience speaking at PMRE 2022 inspired her to dabble in Real Estate Photography and even curmudgeonly Reed gets inspired by Ema's dedication and passion for her craft. The also talk about how to vanquish imposter syndrome and the mindset that Real Estate Photographers can use when they take on bigger, more "prestigious" projects. This is a super-interesting chat with one of the industry's smartest and awe-inspiring photographers!

Also, OF COURSE, they end the show with their ACTION ITEMS!

PMRE 2024, bigger and better than ever, is November 13-15th at Palms Las Vegas. Go to pmreconference.com for all the details. Early Bird Registration opens soon and will be announced on the pod!

AND Upmarket Pod is beyond excited to partner with iGUIDE to bring you our exclusive Road to PMRE 2024 series of Upmarket episodes.

SWEEPSTAKES ALERT - iGUIDE and their Tour to PMRE is giving away 2 ALL-EXPENSES PAID TRIPS TO PMRE 2024!!!!! That's right, two lucky winners will be drawn this summer tol win PMRE tickets, travel and accommodation, all compliments of the fine folks at iGUIDE. To enter, all you need to do is follow @go_iguide and @upmarketpod on Instagram. Then, go to goiguide.com/pmre and enter your email address and you'll be entered in the drawing.

BONUS SWEEPSTAKES ALERT - everyone who enters will automatically be entered in an EARLY BIRD DRAWING on June 3rd for an iGUIDE Planix Pro camera system and iGUIDE Instant free for 3 months.

PLUS everyone who enters will be emailed a coupon code for $50 off PMRE registration AND a sent a sweet piece of iGUIDE Swag.

NOTE If you have already bought a ticket and/or booked travel to PMRE and win the sweepstakes, iGUIDE will reimburse you for money spent.

Whew! Also, you should know, that Upmarket Pod will now be released weekly through PMRE. Yippeee!

Upmarket Pod is pleased as punch that we are the Official Podcast of PMRE, and with that great power, comes great responsibility... we get to break the news of who will be hosting PMRE 2024. Listen to the episode to find out who! Reed chats with the host about PMRE and gets into a longer, informative discussion about the host's area of expertise and how it relates to the Real Estate Media Community.

Guess what they end the show with? That's right! ACTION ITEMS!

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