Episode 39: Road to PMRE 2023 #4 - Jessie Congleton

In the latest Road to PMRE Conference 2023, Upmarket welcomes Copywriter and Messaging Strategist, Jessie Congleton !

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In the latest Road to PMRE Conference 2023, Upmarket welcomes Copywriter and Messaging Strategist, Jessie Congleton! Reed takes the opportunity to get free advice and has Jessie tour the Upmarket Media website to work on honing Upmarket's messaging to potential clients. Jessie gives tons of great advice that any Real Estate Media professional can use for their websites and messaging. Jessie also dishes on what she's going to be talking about on stage at PMRE. As always, the show ends with their Action Items!! This is a fun chat full of great information, don't miss it!

COUPON CODE ALERT!!!!! PMRE 2023 IS COMING!!! Upmarket Podcast is proud to be the Official Podcast of PMRE and is excited to present this first of several Road to PMRE Episodes that we will have for you leading up to the conference on November 8-9th 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada!! Tickets for the 5th Annual Photography + Media for Real Estate Conference and Warm-up Workshops are now available at  PMREConference.com where you can save $75 through the end of September using the code UPMARKET75.

Follow the pod on Instagram at @upmarketpod. Our course How to Grow and Scale Your Real Estate Media Business is at UpmarketCourse.com!!!! Go to the site and book a one-on-one call with Reed to chat about the course (or anything else!) and he'll get you a special discount code!

Give a follow to Jessie on Instagram and all other social media!!

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